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Cleansing Treatment by Calivita PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marzena Kolano   

Parasite, bacterial & fungal infections cleansing treatment


Therapy is prepared based the recommendation of Valeria Szedlak-Vadocz (Head of Calivita Medical Team of Advisors).

Prof. Szedlak Vadocz is a renowned specialist who managed to achieve a degree in several areas of medicine for instance: nuclear medicine, medical biochemistry and clinical pathophysiology.


dr szedlak-noni-ie-parasite-cleansing

She has had an interest in natural medicine, traditional chineese medicine, herbs and optimal nourishment.


Benefits of parasite cleansing:

- remove common pathogenic bugs and keep your system unburdened

- maintain the health of the digestive tract

- reduce inflammation that parasites create in the digest system especially in intestines making the gut permeable to trigger autoimmune dissorders like Asthma, Allergy, Eczema, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Arthritis



Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Reactive Arthritis - See more at: http://bodyecology.com/articles/benefits-of-a-parasite-cleanse#.VOdN7yzSlMg



The therapy will be effective if you:

•    take the right supplements regularly
•    follow an appropriate diet (no sugar, products from white flour)
•    drink a lot of water (a minimum of 1 glass with a pill, 2-3 litres daily)


Stage I

Before you start taking Paraprotex it is advised to stimulate the basic excretion canals, namely: the bowels, the liver and kidneys so that they can deal with getting rid of toxic substances caused by killing parasites in your body. Begin taking Paraprotex 3, 4 weeks later.

You should start with taking first and during all treatment the following:

1. Acidophillus (probiotics)

2. Nopalin (fibre)

3. Ocean 21 (detoxifying algae & veg liquid)

4. Liver Aid (liver detoxication)


1. Acidophillus:

One capsule contains 2 billion live milk acid bacilli which is enough to keep your microflora healthy. In addition, it creates an inhospitable environment for pathogenic bacteria.

Detailed description of Acidophillus

Dosage: 3 x 2 caps. Before meals (min. half an hour before)



2. Nopalin:

It provides a great protection from parasites. Additionally, it provides your body with cellulose, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. You can also appreciate its positive effect on the digestion process and metabolism. It helps detoxicate your large bowel. Not only does Paraprotex destroy all parasites but it also makes your body remove them faster.

Detailed description of Nopal

Dosage: 3 x 2 tlbs half an hour after meals



3. Liver Aid:

Milk thistle is the most popular liver protecting herb, the extract of which can effectively help the self-detoxification of the liver and thus its regeneration.

Detailed description of Liver Aid

Dosage: 3 x 2 caps. Before meals (min. half an hour before)



4. Ocean 21:

Ocean 21 is an Aloe vera based alga complex, containing more than 200 valuable active ingredients, such as Pau D’Arco, lingonberry, beetroot and carrot extract; the preparation supports the detoxification and regeneration of the body and also increases its resistance at the same time.

Detailed description of Ocean 21

Dosage: 2 x 20 ml. drink with water between meals



5. Paraprotex:

The supplement is meant for destroying all kinds of parasites in your body. You should start using it with small doses so that your body can get used to the presence of toxic substances, fungus, parasites and bacteria that will be removed.

Detailed description of Paraprotex


Dosage of Paraprotex


First week:

  • 1 capsule in the morning on empty stomach
  • 1 capsule in the evening (30 minutes before supper and at least 2 hours after the previous meal)


Second week:

  • 2 capsule in the morning on empty stomach
  • 2 capsule in the evening (30 minutes before supper and at least 2 hours after the previous meal)


Third week & until you use the whole packaging of two Paraprotex

  • 2 capsule in the morning on empty stomach
  • 2 capsule during dinner (necessarily while eating to detoxicate the liver)
  • 2 capsule in the evening (30 minutes before supper and at least 2 hours after the previous meal)


Stage II

Having used the entire two packaging of Paraprotex you should have a break of 4 – 6 weeks. Meanwhile, you still taking the other supplements.

  • Acidophillus – 3 x 2 capsules before meals
  • Nopalin – 3 x 2 tlbs daily between meals
  • Liver Aid – 3 x 2 capsules before meals
  • Ocean 21 – 2 x 20 ml. with water between meals

You can also add valuable:


Stage III

Start taking Paraprotex again (after 4-6 weeks brake) in the maximal dose (3 x 2 capsules) and use the whole packaging along with the other supplements. Continue minimum 3-6 months. With fungal infections take Paraprotex minimum a year.


Stage IV

Apply Acidophillus on a regular basis in order to prevent relapses – 2 capsules before going to sleep.

During the therapy all fungus, harmful bacteria and parasites are destroyed and leave a dangerous amount of toxins & spores. That is why it’s important to do cleansing treatment after a year. You can exceed neutralization of harmful toxins also by using by Polinesian Noni & Liquid Chlorophyll.


Diet during the therapy

In order to make the therapy effective you must follow an appropriate alkaline diet.


Last Updated on Friday, 20 February 2015 20:53


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